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Hebrew computer program

For the sixth year Midreshet Bet Shemesh is running a Hebrew computer program for the women of the Narkis area in Bet Shemesh. The program includes a combination of Hebrew language learning in addition to teaching life skills, and learning computer skills as a tool for employment promotion. This knowledge will hopefully promote women from Ethiopia on two complimentary levels. There are 20 women who are divided into 2 groups which meet twice a week for a total of 4 classes. Each class meets for an hour and a half. The program takes place in the evening since these are Ethiopian women who work during the day- mainly in cleaning jobs. They want to promote themselves and improve their economic situation. They come to the program immediately after work. They are thirsty for knowledge, information and tools that will empower them. Program goals- • Teaching Hebrew language enrichment –reading and writing Hebrew • Providing life skills • Providing information in the field of computers in a concrete manner, allowing them an easier integration into the work force. This Knowledge will allow them to create a proper resume and to conduct a job search via the network. • Creating parental involvement in their children's lives, by introducing them to concepts in which their children are interested.

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