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Appreciation of Local Heritage

The Zionist dream is alive and well in Beit Shemesh today, with a continuing influx of immigrants from around the world and construction of new neighborhoods, schools and community institutions. At MBS, we believe that hometown pride is vital to the successful development of the city. Midreshet Beit Shemesh, therefore, offers a unique set of walking tours for students and families and hosts an exhibit depicting life during the beginning years of the city. These programs succeed in deepening residents’ awareness of the region’s historical significance and understanding of those who first settled the city

The highlight of one of this year’s school visits was a chance to meet and hear Esther Shulim, one of the original residents of the transit camp. Esther captivated the visiting 7th graders with her personal recollections of life as a child in the beginning years of Beit Shemesh

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