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Absorption of Ethiopian Youth

Midreshet Beit Shemesh has been active in promoting the integration of Ethiopian immigrant families into Beit Shemesh society. Its major project remains The Narkis Center (Moadonit HaNarkis), a clubhouse and activity center for about 80 children of the Ethiopian immigrant community. In prior years, MBS ran a Tolerance project in a number of elementary schools with a unit on the Ethiopian aliya. Narkis Center (Moadonit HaNarkis). Our Garin Maayan volunteers operate the Narkis Center (Moadonit HaNarkis) where children visit four afternoons a week

At the Narkis Center, they are provided with extra-curricular enrichment, emotional support, homework assistance and a nourishing snack – at no charge. During school vacations, the Narkis Center offers a rich schedule of activities and field trips. For many of these children, the sincerity and warmth of the young volunteers inspires them to overcome the hurdles that they face in school and to integrate into Israeli society

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