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Support for Students at Risk

This program was established in 2001 to bring much-needed mentoring resources to the local educational system. It has since become a vital part of the ‘security net’ for many schools, and offers hope to many children who are at risk of academic failure and whose parents are not able to afford private intervention services. Whether a child needs help with schoolwork or just a friend, the warmth and attention of a Midreshet Beit Shemesh volunteer can make all the difference. Often, Midreshet Beit Shemesh volunteers find ways to reach students on the verge of academic failure and instead encourage them to try and reach their potential and to become contributing members of Israeli society

In-school Services. MBS volunteers serve as teacher’s aides and inspirational role models within the local elementary, junior high, high school and special needs schools, in coordination with the Education Department

For the 2004-5 school year, our volunteers have been placed as follows

• Our Garin Maayan volunteers are valuable resources in four high schools, two junior high schools, four elementary schools and the special needs Shalev elementary school

 • Our Bnei Akiva volunteers provide English language assistance to students in eight elementary schools, one junior high and one high school

After-School Services

MBS volunteers also serve as big brothers or sisters to particular children or assist in centers for at-risk or disadvantaged youth

 • The children who have been adopted by our volunteers include victims of terror and/or abuse, and severely learning disabled students

• This year, our volunteers have chosen volunteer at two after-school centers, Moadon HaGefen for disadvantaged immigrant children from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union and Moadon HaNeara for adolescent girls at risk. At these centers, our volunteers provide homework assistance, enrichment and/or sports activities and lots of encouragement

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